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Servers most commonly store data, share data between multiple employees, connect outside accessories (such as printers) and possibly hold your email. They are considered to be the hub of your business. The right server solution should last up to 5 years, and as this is a investment, it is important to consider factors such as: company growth, all of your current requirements and future-proofing. ABM can assist you with evaluating all of these elements and create a server solution to match. 

When should I replace my server?

If you have had your server for 5 years or more and you notice that it has become under powered for your requirements. However, other signs are:


High maintenance costs and constant fixes because of failing components. 


Longer periods of down time and reboots are constantly required.


It is slow, running at maximum capacity and reaches a high temperature. 


If you are having problems where staff can not access data, or backups are not completing. 

Server Solutions for business Chichester

Replacement Benefits

ABM can help you identify if your server needs replacement. We also offer other cost - effective options like virtualisation for your infrastructure. Find out more on virtualisation by following the link below. Or alternatively, read our blog post on our server solution process. 


Your new solution will be better able to deal with your business requirements and therefore assist with working environment productivity. 


When you upgrade to the latest technology it will have up to date security protection. Older servers are likely end-of-life, which means they will not have any further security updates or support. This can leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks.  


New solutions will come with warranty and the operating system will be supported. 

Infrastructure Support

ABM also support existing server solutions. We have had many customers who have had their infrastructure installed, but require us for technical support, maintenance and upgrade assistance. 

Remote Monitoring

This allows us to actively monitor how your server is functioning and warns us of any irregularities.

Proactive Fixes

Because of the remote functionality we can pre-emptively work on any issues that require fixing.   

Support Times

We have quick response times for server issues as we will always aim to  limit any potential down-time. 

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