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Our Favourite Technology

When you work for an IT company you have the opportunity to use a lot of technology. Lots of it is good and you would happily use it again. Some of it makes you question what the company was thinking. Then you get the gems. The kind of technology that ensures your next pay check is slimmer than it should be. I went around the office and asked our team which items they could not live without and why. 

iPad 2018

Beth - Marketing Executive - iPad

I was fortunate enough to receive an iPad 2 for Christmas a while ago. Even after loudly announcing before receiving it 'I wouldn't use it; I have my phone and the TV.' Truly I am glad they ignored me, because I wouldn't want to live without it. Recently, I upgraded the model as the iPad 2 was getting slow. I now have the 2018 version. I use it every day whether it be for watching YouTube, face timing my family, playing games, writing notes, purchasing goods or marketing research. The larger screen makes tasks much easier. Typing is less frustrating and it is very portable. Fitting in your bag or under your arm without the heavy lifting.  

What is good about it?

The larger screen makes tasks much easier. Typing is less frustrating and it is very portable. Fitting in your bag or under your arm without the heavy lifting involved with some laptops. Charging doesn't take long and the battery life is amazing. You can download lots of different programs so you can watch them offline in a remote location or whilst travelling.

What could be improved:

Apart from being waterproof and less expensive? Nothing.

Gaming PC

David - IT Manager - Gaming PC

I am an avid gamer, enjoying games that include strategy with a sci - fi element. My gaming PC allows me to play games in high quality with surround sound. At the weekends I unwind via completing targets and achieving goals in a virtual setting. 

What is good about it?

I built the PC myself 4 years ago, and at the time it was extremely fast. Loading games efficiently and the graphics were impressive. It is still very enjoyable and completes the job well.

What could be improved:

I would love to upgrade some parts, as now many games are far more advanced than they were 4 years ago. My PC requires a better graphics card and processer. 
(Image above is not David's gaming set up. Source: Pinterest)

Huawei P10

Richard - IT Support Technician - Phone

My phone is key to personal management. I complete banking, read the news, take notes, and as a scout leader, plan lots of events, update the scout portal and communicate with parents. It goes with me everywhere and I would be lost without it.  

What is good about it?

It is reasonably quick to respond, light and seemingly sturdy. 

What could be improved:

The screen ratio is slightly annoying.

Technology Timeline

Technology continues to make necessary steps forward, improving aspects of our world drastically. ABM have researched the top 20 technology products released / greatly improved year on year since the 2000's, and have put them in a timeline for you all.


2000: USB Sticks

The end of the 20th century and the start of a new age. USB's are invented, giving us the first convenient way to transport and share data


2001: iPod

Previously the amount of songs you could 'bring with you' was limited. In 2001 Steve Jobs presented a 5GB device able to store 1000 songs


2002: Encryption

As the technology age develops security becomes more of a talking point. Unbreakable keys are created to ensure your data stays secure


2003: iTunes

Following the release of the iPod, the act of buying music requires an upgrade. The iTunes store is now stocked with 200,000 songs for purchase


2004: Facebook

What started off as a communication platform for college students, then becomes the biggest social media platform, available to all


2005: Google Maps

The first web application to make full use of satellite imagery and aerial photography to provide a location / mapping service 


2006: Blu - ray

A way to store high definition video on to a disc. Allowing viewers to play games and watch their favourite films in a high - quality format


2007: iPhone

This was a massive step forward in the way of cellular devices. Not only did it remove the requirement of a physical button keyboard, but featured GPRS and Edge support (data transfer) 


2008: App Store

After the launch of the iPhone, Apple then worked to improve its applications. In 2008 it opened its online store with 500 apps, and now contains over 1 million


2009: Windows 7

A personal computer operating system replacing the previous Windows Vista. This new system was fresh, clean and much easier to use. Featuring internet explorer 8, media player and more


2010: Kinect

Video games can now be played without a physical controller. Microsoft invent the 'body' controlled video game. Using cameras in a slimline free - standing device, placed under, or on your TV


2011: Siri

The virtual assistant that searches for answers and follows commands. The app adapts to the user's voice and language preferences, Making it the perfect portable PA 


2012: Google Drive

Developed as a file storage and synchronisation service. You can now share information quickly and collaboratively edit. This develops further later on


2013: Consoles

Xbox One and PS4 launch and it becomes evident that the people are truly divided. Both demonstrate the future of gaming with a variety of new and exciting features


2014: Windows 10

Released as a preview in 2014, people who previously used Windows 7 and 8 had the ability to upgrade for free. After some adjustment many then came to love the new upgrade


2015: Amazon Echo

Alexa was launched as a speaker with a difference. Your personal assistant can now be integrated as part of your infrastructure at home or at work. 'Play music', 'to do lists' and 'alarms' are all sorted


2016: Tesla Autopilot

An amazing technology created to remove some of the human element to driving. Securing ultimate comfort and 'spaceship' vibes. Your car can drive itself using radar signals


2017: Face Recognition Phones

Released with the iPhone X, your phone will unlock using your facial features. This technology follows touch ID, allowing biometric authentication to unlock your phone, make payments and track your expressions


2018: 3D Metal Printing

No longer do small companies have to wait for large companies to create their metal work parts. A 3D printer that prints metal parts that are stronger and adaptable to any odd specification


2019: Robot Dexterity

With AI developing at a fast rate, it is no wonder robots are too. Robots are programmed to complete further tasks. They now have longer periods of control and a higher level of understanding

Samsung C32F391FWU 32 inch curved monitor

With a variety of monitors available to the masses, ABM have used a fair few during our years in business (and of course as individuals). Watching how technology innovation has improved screen options, it is clear that curved screens are a popular choice for the business environment. But are they any good? 

Samsung 32 inch curved monitor
  • EYE SAVER - The deeper screen curve allows your eyes to follow motion fluidly on the screen, and therefore reduces strain on your eyes.
  • SUPERIOR IMAGE QUALITY - Allowing colours to be more vibrant and reduces light leakage to ensure black and white are more uniform.
  • SLIM CURVE - Despite its curved appearance it doesn’t take up too much room on your desk. Its slim screen means you can push it to the far side of your desk and still have room for your other items. 
  • ECO SAVING FEATURE - Allows instant screen adjustment depending on the luminescence of colour. You can also reduce brightness yourself, and save energy this way.
  • GAME MODE - Optimises screen colours to give better detail and contrast.
  • DUAL SCREEN CAPABILITIES - Having two by side is a popular choice as you can skip between tasks. Check out our blog post on the benefits of dual screen capabilities!
  • PORTS - HDMI, headphone and power port available.


  1. Immersive experience - when you are sat with the screen fully set up, and you adjust yourself perfectly in front of it, you can use your complete line of vision and peripheral vision to improve your work. 
  2. Colours - Are vibrant and truly impressive.
  3. Occupation dependant benefits - Amazing for occupations requiring lots of screen usage for design and colour work.


  1. Minimised viewing - When out of full screen in a window, some people find the curve distracting as it bends the view. More so than in full screen.
  2. Resolution - Some people find the resolution low for a HD monitor.
  3. Cost - They are expensive at over £200.
  4. Port options - Less ports available than most people like to have, and people were surprised that there were no speakers within the monitor. You have to invest in speakers or just use the headphone port.

Many people have a variety of views on these curved screens. Some love them, some hate them. The majority love them and therefore they are rated 4.6 stars out of 5, seemingly no matter the brand. Even for smaller 24-inch options. These screens certainly look impressive, especially two side by side.

ABM do find that for certain industries, or occupations they could improve the quality of content production. For example, an advertising company or graphic designers would benefit from the bright colours and immersive functionality. However, accountants and technicians would probably find this monitor un necessary.

At ABM we suggest that you evaluate your budget and requirements before rushing to make a decision. Just remember there are flat screen equivalents, that have the same spec and cost much less.

Overall, we like the screens, and for marketing purposes they really work well. However, for all other occupations we wouldn’t choose the curved option.

We rate these screens 4 stars.

For the right purposes they are amazing. They have fantastic features as listed above. However, having better port options would be a bonus, and better appearance when you minimise your window is important. The price is a large cost to swallow, especially if you have more than one employee requiring dual monitor functionality.

Aside from this, investing in your infrastructure is important. Being ahead of the curve (mind the pun) is necessary and design wise, this option could benefit your quality of content two-fold.

If you would like to discuss your options, whether this be for a curved monitor or flat screen, ABM can advise and quote you with some options.

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