What is virtualisation? 

The process of making several types of hardware, such as servers and desktop PC's non - physical.

Virtualisation IT services for business infrastructures

IT Virtualisation Solutions


Buying a server can be an expensive hardware cost. The energy used to run and cool a server can really affect your ongoing budgets. With virtualisation you wouldn't have this problem. It works by having all of your data remotely stored, to then access through software. All of your data will be available to you once you log in. This process allows you to run multiple servers on one physical piece of hardware. Each sector of your infrastructure uses only its required resources. Rather than having left over capacity, which can be a problem with a physical server.


This can work in several different ways for a variety of business requirements. For example, if you run a software essential to your business that requires an outdated / unsupported Windows XP machine, you no longer need to have a physical PC in the office to use your software. You can have a non - physical version accessible from your new 'windows 10' machine. You simply log in and carry on. It doesn't have to stop with just one non - physical desktop. Depending on the specifics of your current PC, you can have several virtual desktops accessing different requirements. (Legacy, Linux and Windows 7 are just a few examples). Another great way to utilise this function is for remote users. People who work from home can easily log in to a remote desktop to complete their work. (You have no need to have a physical PC at work for them).

Backup Solutions

If you are already operating a virtualised solution, or are about to make the change, it is important to think about a solution to backup your data. Veeam is one of the leading backup and recovery solutions for virtual environments. Offering a fast and flexible service for those using this type of infrastructure. Losing your data is always a concern. With ABM's support we can find you the best Veeam solution possible, and help you implement what is required. Virtualisation can be a complicated process, understanding all involved can be baffling. With ABM's support, the idea is that you don't need to. We set up your virtualised system, support and monitor it for issues, and ensure you receive an efficient infrastructure ready for your usage.

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