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The how, why, when and where of ABM.

1995 - 2001

Working for a fast growing financial company as the IT Department Manager, I played my part in the growth of a company from 40 - 160 employees which grew to this size within a two year period. To cater for this massive growth I personally managed the implementation of a complete new IT infrastructure. This involved the purchase and implementation of a new collections system, advanced and state of the art call centre (which I personally built all of the call flow tables for), a very clever predictive dialler, and employed a dedicated team of programmers to develop and write bespoke complex changes to our newly acquired collection system. Many skills were obtained in this fast moving period, however a common problem was seen time and time again, contractors that were engaged to deliver a service, fell short due to a failing to communicate with other resources involved in the project life cycle. I was fed up with seeing this and it being an expected part of a project.

September 2001

It was the final straw. Another 3rd party company delays an IT project that was otherwise perfectly on time and under budget. I decide enough is enough, all IT resources should be managed under one roof and 3rd party companies where required, should be chosen due to their proven performance and high standards.
ABM Computer Solutions is formed.

My First Customer
I had sent out letters to companies in the area (and beyond) asking for the chance to survey their IT systems, or at least discuss with them what they may require to expand their business. All from the small office space in my own home situated in Chichester. Thankfully after many sleepless nights and aging about 20 years in the process, I received a reply! A wonderful lady named Ann gave me the chance to supply IT support to her financial services business. This was the first building block to ABM's success today.


Technology constantly adapts and changes, for many it is hard to keep up, this on top of all the other requirements managing a business demands, can become tedious and confusing. By recruiting ABM's help you will never have to worry about your IT infrastructure again. We manage, support and monitor your systems proactively.
This is why we now have over 50 individual businesses signed up to our flexible support contracts, lots of them still with us from the beginning. ABM has official office space situated in Chichester and some truly wonderful employees who are here to help.


Our friendly employees play a major role in the smooth running of ABM. Between us we have over 80 years experience in IT, and apply it to achieve the best results for our customers.

David Westmore


Senior IT Support Supervisor

Anthony Moignard

Anthony Moignard


Richard Strickland


IT Support Engineer

Bethany Moignard

Bethany Moignard

Marketing Executive

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