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Data backup, recovery and removal

Data is the foundation of a business. From customer information and financial records to intellectual property and operational data, organisations rely on their data to make informed decisions and enhance efficiencies. However, data loss can occur due to various reasons such as hardware failure, human error, cyber attacks, or even power outages. That's why having robust data backup and recovery solutions in place is essential to ensure business continuity and protect your valuable assets.

'43% of IT decision-makers falsely believe that cloud providers are responsible for protecting and recovering cloud data. This misconception can lead to increased vulnerability when it comes to cloud-based cyberthreats – organisations may fail to properly secure their data or implement adequate disaster recovery plans.'
- Data source: Expert Insights

ABM understand the importance of data backup and recovery for businesses of all sizes. Our comprehensive data backup and recovery solutions are designed to safeguard your data, minimise downtime, and ensure seamless recovery in the event of data loss. Don't wait until it's too late. Contact us today to learn more about our data services and take proactive steps to protect your business from the consequences of data loss. Let us help you safeguard your valuable asset—your data.

Data backup, disaster recovery and certified data removal for businesses

Backup solutions for your business

Our solutions offer automated, scheduled backups of your critical data, ensuring that your information is continuously protected without manual intervention. We provide the flexibility to store your backups in multiple locations, including on-premises servers, cloud storage, or hybrid environments, to enhance redundancy and resilience.

Disaster / data recovery

We work closely with your organisation to develop comprehensive disaster recovery plans tailored to your specific requirements, including recovery time objectives (RTOs), and recovery point objectives (RPOs). Unfortunately disaster can occur at the worst time and may be unexpected. Our recovery service ensures ABM will have you up and functional again as soon as possible. Meanwhile, behind the scenes we will work to fix your failing infrastructure and source any solution you may require.

Business data removal 

Our specialist software ensures your data is unrecoverable. After the process is complete, we supply you with a detailed audit report. This is essential, and all part of data erasure regulation. ABM are able to remove data completely from PC's, servers and data centre equipment.

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