We proudly promote 90% data recovery using our specialist software and recovery forensic kit. We understand that losing data can be not only painful but troublesome for the running of business. However, there will be times when the damage is to advance for our equipment to recover. With these cases, we use a partner of ABM who have over 25 years experience in recovering lost data. Kroll Ontrack are experts in establishing the cause and solution for all types of data loss.  

The removal of data from your IT infrastructure is just as important as recovering or ensuring saved data. Removing your data from assets such as PC’s, servers, data centre equipment and smart phones has been part of ABM’s services since established in 2001. Anthony and his team have been removing data for even longer than that!

Data erased by our specialist software cannot be recovered with any existing technology. As proof of data erasure ABM provide you with a detailed audit report. The software we use is tamper - proof and verifiable. This is an essential part of compliance, regulatory and legal auditing requirements.

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There have been long debates in the industry about whether offsite backup through the ‘cloud’ is a safe solution. The security of your critical data is a primary concern after all. Keeping this in mind the data centre has a permanent manned security presence, multi layered security that includes biometrics and video surveillance. Entry to the compound is tightly controlled with strict procedures. The data centre is audited by the protection of national infrastructure and government authority.

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