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IT Consultancy

ABM like to know the ins and outs of your business, before recommending the best IT solution

Business Expansion

Expanding your infrastructure?

With company growth comes more responsibility. Which generally means the need for more employees and therefore more IT equipment. This need not cost your business the earth. First ABM can identify your specific requirements, determine a rough budget, supply you with a quote, then supply and install the technology you decide on. 

Systems Audit

Need a systems audit?

We supply a free and ongoing system survey for all of your IT infrastructure. What does this do? It enables us to identify if you have any weak links in your technology set up, allows us to plan for future expansion, advise you on our IT support costs for your systems, and of course recommend technology that would help with the efficiency of your processes. 

New Business It Set Up

Setting up a new business?

Implementing an effective IT infrastructure works as one of the many building blocks to your new business.  ABM can supply you with a cost - conscious solution to implement the technology you require and then support you with this if any issues arise. Anything from PC's, printers, monitors, servers, data backups, even telephony and broadband.