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Your internal data networks are important in this fast – changing world. It has become imperative that these networks are efficient and responsive. Getting your business connected can be a baffling frustrating experience. With call times increasing and large companies becoming less help each time you converse; this is not an effective use of your time. At ABM, we can complete this on your behalf. Being IT networking specialists we can install everything from structures wired LAN networks to fully functioning secure wireless solutions. We can offer: broadband solutions, leased line connections, bonded DSL, ADSL solutions, connecting LAN & WAN infrastructures together, fibre solutions, all telephony. Being based in Chichester, Sussex our networking solutions are available across Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey.

IT Network Services for Chichester and Sussex

Wireless Network Solutions

ABM Computer Solutions have been operating in the wireless network solutions market for many years. An issue we come across often is the quality of the wireless equipment offered to the business environment. Generally, what happens is a business is advised poorly on which solution to buy. Therefore, you either pay an extortionate amount for high end hardware or you are supplied with a ‘home solution’, which as suggests isn’t developed for business. As partners of Draytek we have access to a superb range of business products which are affordable and very diverse in what they can do for you. They as a company have been supplying robust hardware to the SME market place, ensuring their merchandise are configurable well supported products. Call now today to discuss the advantages for your business 01243 773113

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