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For the past 15 years, we have been offering our drop in and fix IT service. Our team have extensive knowledge when repairing all types of technology. We use trusted suppliers to swap and change parts in faulty equipment. As well as this, if we feel the product isn’t economically viable to save, we will supply you with a quotation free of charge for a new one. This means stopping the use of further time on beyond repair tech. We make sure to supply competitive quotations for parts, time to repair and alternative solutions just in case.

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Laptop Support & Repair Chichester/ Sussex

Computer / Desktop PC / Laptop repair service

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With lots of people all of their important personal data is held in one place, generally on a computer or laptop. What if something happens to the unit? All of your music, pictures and data are in danger of either being lost forever or having to try and be fully recovered. ABM can offer a simple cost effective solution to this risk, backups. Help protect the most important elements of your computer system. Call to discuss your options.

Have you recently purchased a new computer? Are you thinking about buying a new laptop? Not only can we provide a quote for this hardware, we can also transfer all of your data from your old desktop over. Our engineers have the necessary skills to transfer your files, import your mail and set up your music professionally and discreetly. Please call us today to arrange assistance.

If you need assistance with configuring your Apple equipment or need help installing software, ABM can do this. Perhaps you would like your devices to sync via iCloud or share your music and movies between devices, we are able to offer a solution to help with those requirements.

There are lots of things that can go wrong with technology over time. Our laptop support and repair services mean that they can be resolved quite easily. For instance; does your laptop feel slower and holds less battery life? Have you damaged the screen or lost keyboard keys? Do you need extra hard drive space? All of these tasks we can assist with. Simply drop your laptop off at our offices and we will provide a competitive quotation for the work that needs completing. Whether it involves repair or an upgrade.

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