Cyber Training

Cyber attacks are more common and harder to recognise. To prevent any security breaches we offer IT security training for staff. This includes general awareness, deep diving into the most common attacks, recognising malicious content and running through how to test and secure your machine. 

IT Security Audits

If Cyber Essentials is not for you but you would still like a security evaluation, we have our own auditing system. Here we will run through how to further protect your important data, review any processes that could be more secure and advise on improvements to safeguard your infrastructure. 

Penetration Testing

If your systems are vulnerable in certain areas this will be the main point of attack and access for cyber criminals. ABM complete penetration testing to establish these weaknesses within your systems and network, we can then assist you with resolving these potential breach points.  

Cyber Security
Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Key Info

To be Cyber Essentials certified you have to follow some key guidelines and answer some questions about your infrastructure. There is a lot of paperwork involved and everything must be thoroughly checked and analysed. You will likely have to make some changes to your processes. After this, it is sent off to an adjudicator and they will either approve or deny your application.

It is a Government supported scheme to help protect businesses from cyber attacks.

It outlines specific actions in a clear statement that all organisations should follow to achieve a safer infrastructure.

Companies who want to work in the public sector have to be Cyber Essentials approved before taking on Government contracts.

Cyber attacks will only become more frequent and knowing you are safe from typical threats is a relief, people will see you as a trustworthy source because you are taking your data security seriously. 

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