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IT Support

IT Support Chichester, Sussex and Surrey for your Business

Are you fed up with training IT resource, only to find they have taken employment elsewhere? Disappointed with project delays, excuses and un-budgeted increased costs? Do you feel exposed for IT support? Are your current IT support company satisfying your technology requirements? Do they understand your business objectives?

Why outsource your IT maintenance to ABM Computer Solutions?

Why is ABM a great fit for your business?

Tailored IT Support Contracts

With a flexible support contract that has been created with only your business in mind, your costs will only reflect what you require. All costs are broken down and explained in your invoice so you can track where your budget is.

Excellent Response Times

Because of the monitoring technology we use, chances are we know that you have a problem, even before you do. But if a failure arises, we are only a phone call or email away and ready to respond immediately.

Professional & Highly Qualified Technical Engineers

All technicians have certain technology degrees. As well as having years of on the job experience to monitor, support and implement your IT infrastructure.

Best Supplier Partnerships To Benefit Your Business

ABM have hand - picked the suppliers we want to work with. Used only for the trust to deliver on time and at a fair price.

Ad - hoc

  • Call us and we will help you asap

  • Issues dealt within 12 working hours guaranteed

  • Invoiced in 30 minute blocks

Pre - paid

  • 14 hours pre - paid time ready for use, when all time has been used you will receive a breakdown of where those hours have gone for your records and an invoice for next 14 hours

  • Call or email to log your issue

  • Guaranteed 4 hours response for critical issues and 8 hours non critical


  • Cost based on PC and server frequency

  • Invoiced monthly with cost breakdown

  • Guaranteed 2 hours critical issues and 4 hours non critical 

Large business IT support

IT Support for large companies

An IT support solution to meet your business demands

Tailored response times around your business requirements with access to our comprehensive ticketing solution. Detailed reports describing how support time is being spent, tickets raised and monthly support achievements.

  • scheduled meetings to discuss support usage and further possible projects

  • Management of all IT/ technology based assets

  • Chance to have an IT technician on site for a whole day (weekly / monthly etc)