Remote Office Solutions

About our client

A variety of businesses we support across the UK 

Client requirements

Remote working solutions and alternative office solutions. The huge change in working environments happened in 2020, lockdown forced people to adapt, and many businesses have seen the continued benefit of having remote workers and smaller office spaces.

Our solution

Shortly into lockdown, our clients required VPN solutions for their staff to connect to office based systems from home. ABM uses robust and adaptable routers for all of our clients, and so setting up these connections was a simple and painless process. Our remote connect tool meant that we were able to access our clients’ devices and configure them to use the VPN connection. We also used this opportunity to educate staff in how to use the connection safely. At the time, many of our customers (who had invested in robust office equipment) had no means for their staff to work from home. ABM supplied laptops to several of its clients, first configuring them to their specification, before they were safely distributed. This involved remotely setting up domains to the client’s network, installing and licensing any software required and encrypting the drives for security. Later, when several customers decided that this working solution was permanent for their business, we upgraded equipment, updated security procedures, streamlined IT support requests and improved ABM's own solution to offer the best remote services without giving anyone flexibly working, the feeling of disconnect.    

The outcome

While this was at the time considered a temporary measure, many of our customers continue to adopt the remote working solution. We now see a variety of flexible working conditions and ABM have therefore adapted. Supplying an effective formula to the remote and adaptable working environments we support. 

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