IT Services for Office Relocation 

About our client

Established in 2008, our client is an award - winning advertising company. Specialising in the design for some of the countries most respected brands in the medical, construction and training sectors.

Client requirements

To update their ageing infrastructure, moving them to the latest OSX. Move lots of their infrastructure in house for easier management. As well as to improve their use and storage of data.

Our solution

With ADSL speeds and growing Dropbox storage stopping efficiencies. ABM decided that a backup solution was necessary to free the upload and download of excessive data. For this we used a time capsule via a time machine. (Nearly as exciting as it sounds). We cabled their new office, terminating the connections to the patch panel, then to a wall mounted network switch and to the wall ports for use. The building had no network cables before this. To enhance the new cabling infrastructure, we supplied a business class Draytek router & wireless access point. To host their user accounts and email solution ABM provided a small but powerful Mac Mini with server app.

The outcome

Unfortunately BT caused a set back to the installation day. Typical of BT. However, we forecasted as much, and so offered our customer ADSL connections to ensure web mail access to their new server, and email accessibility. The setbacks were virtually un noticeable for the client. Besides file access, for which they continued to use Drop box. All infrastructure was eventually installed and the email system updated to the latest version.

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