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Here we will answer common IT questions we receive. If you have any suggestions for this page, or a question that needs answering, please fill in the form below!


Does it really hurt to leave your laptop on charge all the time?


The answer depends on the age of your laptop. Some new laptops have a great function, where when fully charged they no longer accept power. This is great because you won't ruin your battery easily. However, be mindful that you could still be wasting electricity, so just turn it off and the power. Older laptops often do not have this function - so don't leave them constantly charging.


Why should I choose a business solution when I could just use a home option?


This is a common issue we face. Why should I pay a business premium, when I could just buy a home solution? Because it comes down to budget a lot of the time. A business solution has been crafted to serve the requirements of a business environment. This generally means: expansion capabilities, professional appearance, more gadgets aimed around known business requirements, shareability, compatibility and of course security. A home solution is a very basic product, because that is all home users require. Later down the line, after buying the cheaper product, you may find you have issues with functionality. We agree with being smart with your budget, there are definitely some un needed costs you can save. But truthfully, we have had so many issues when it comes to home products being used for business. This requires fixing or getting very creative with technology, and it then costs you in support. Choose wisely now and you won't have to worry later.

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