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I am concerned about identity theft, how do I protect myself?

We talk about this often because unfortunately it has become a common thing. The best way to guard against identity theft is to be as vigilant as possible, shred your important documents, use 2FA on accounts, don't hand out your details unless required, don't trust calls regarding your personal details, use a good spam filter and anti-virus, ensure your passwords reflect the level of urgency your account requires and if you draw out cash or pay anywhere, check the machine for scanners, and do not let your card out of your sight.

Why do I need a backup solution?

Because the day you don't have it, and lose it all, is day 0 - starting again potentially from scratch. Most people now use a basic cloud backup solution. This is good because at least (we hope) the major data is covered. But we highly recommend getting an expert to look at an option tailored to your business requirements.

What is the best way to protect against virus / malware?

Sticking to strict guidelines allows you to protect yourself and business from breaches. We suggest you follow the cyber security guidelines, which in a nutshell means: two-factor authentication on all accounts with important data, having an anti-virus solution, paying for IT security services, regular cyber security audits, vigilant when receiving emails, don't click on any strange links, double check everything, educate yourself and staff on what to look for (make your way over to our IT security blog page), and if something feels wrong - it probably is.

Originally with older PC's the 'blue screen of death' was a big problem. But now with modern technology being further advanced, it most likely can be fixed. The blue screen of death can represent a bad power up, your computer trying to do too much at once and can even happen during or after installing updates. Usually rebooting the machine fixes this issue. Please note that remembering what you were doing before the issue occurred is very important. It allows the IT company supporting you a head start into what the issue could be.

The printer uses less ink each time to create the same, if not better results, this means purchasing less ink cartridges every year, which further decreases the amount of ink cartridge disposal.You are less likely to have to replace the printer and its parts, as manufacturers use higher quality components and more up to date technology, this leads to you having the product longer and therefore reduces waste. Using less power to run your technology allows you to save on costs, whilst being energy efficient. New printers generally have a power saving mode that puts the printer in a 'sleep mode', this activates after a certain period of time. Paper wastage is reduced as your printer is less likely to make mistakes or jam. More efficient printing formats and margin adaptability gives you more space on the page to ensure less paper is used. Double sided printing could be an option you have, again saving more paper. Scan to email capabilities, meaning documents don't have to be printed to share them. Scan and send it as an email copy.

Most likely, no it is not. Fortunately, lots of software options (like Microsoft Office) now have an auto save feature, and if not an auto recover. (Not enabled by default, you need to enable this) Simply click back onto the icon and it should be in the list to the left - hand side of the screen. The same for accidently deleting a file. If you have saved a copy your IT company should be able to work their magic and try to recover it. If not, a good IT company will have backups taken of your files and should be able to recover from the backup. Please remember that backups happen at different times in the day. For example, we recovered a file for someone that they deleted at 4pm, but the backup was taken at 1pm. Therefore, the whole document may not be recovered, just what the backup details.

The basic answer is that it gets rid of errors. When further looking into this, the main reason is to try and reset the devices' memory. It may be completing too many tasks at once and one (or many) of these things together are potentially causing the issues you are having. By restarting your technology, you are setting some aspects of your device back to default, this allows clean access to try and diagnose the issue. 

Not only is it a more effective way to find what you require, but when you have reached your inbox limit, it means no more emails can get through to you. If you have a system that has limited storage, then cleaning it out is essential. If you have unlimited storage, clear it to declutter. Another point to make, is that if at some point you require the transfer of your email to another device, this will be a lengthy process.

With new printers it is best to spend a little more for the right product. Why? Well for one, if the printer is in warranty, you will void it by using the wrong cartridges. As well as this, alternative ink components are never built in the same way. They can cause spillages and damage.

Yes we are and we are trained in delivering Cyber Essentials as a package to other businesses. We have supported several of our customers with becoming accredited. Cyber security is essential and the more we can do to educate businesses on the importance of their IT security, the better.

“Fibre To The Premises”. This is an option to improve the internet to your business. Many businesses and homes already have FTTC “Fibre To The Cabinet”, which works well, but basically means you get fibre to the cabinet and then copper to your premises. This is now considered old tech. FTTP provides fibre directly to your own premise, eliminating the older technology. It provides a seamless fast connection. FTTP is being delivered around the country as part of a government initiative to improve connectivity. Receiving the FTTP depends on the area your premises is located.

The acronym stands for 'Virtual Private Network'. It works by creating a secure tunnel between your device and your workplace. You can work from your location securely and access all the resources you would if sat in your office.

There are actually several things to try before potentially throwing your router out of the window. First try plugging a network cable in to your device and directly into a network port in your router. Most routers offer gigabit connection speeds and this will provide a much faster connection to the internet than most wireless routers. This is also a good way of diagnosing if there is a problem with your internet connection (remember to turn the wireless off!) Other solutions: Disconnect all unnecessary devices, ensure all background applications are closed if you are not using them, check with other members of the household to see if they are using internet (e.g. someone playing Xbox live), and finally, your internet provider may have limits on your connection. They can restrict your bandwidth depending on the plan you pay for. It may be worth increasing your plan to unlimited and seeing if faster speeds are available.

The answer depends on the age of your laptop. Some new laptops have a great function, where when fully charged they no longer accept power. This is great because you won't ruin your battery easily. However, be mindful that you could still be wasting electricity, so just turn it off at the power. Older laptops often do not have this function - so don't leave them constantly charging.

This is a common issue we face. Why should I pay a business premium, when I could just buy a home solution? Because it comes down to budget a lot of the time. A business solution has been crafted to serve the requirements of a business environment. This generally means: expansion capabilities, professional appearance, more gadgets aimed around known business requirements, share-ability, compatibility and of course security. A home solution is a very basic product, because that is all home users require. Later down the line, after buying the cheaper product, you may find you have issues with functionality. We agree with being smart with your budget, there are definitely some un needed costs you can save. But truthfully, we have had so many issues when it comes to home products being used for business. This requires fixing or getting very creative with technology, and it then costs you in support. Choose wisely now and you won't have to worry later.

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