Server Installation Chichester

About our client

Being an exceptional publisher since 1990 means our customer produces a diverse range of 150 titles per year. Backlisting over 600 titles. They truly put their heart and soul into creating interesting books. ABM have worked with this client since 2012. We provided a new server and continue to support their infrastructure.

Client requirements

After storing many files locally, including email data - it was time to update their processes. Our client required a comprehensive data storage area, email without local storage, calendar sharing, secure folder structures with permission - based controls, and for remote mobile devices, a secure web - based email with external connectivity.

Our solution

After working closely with the in - house team, we came up with several solutions for their issues. One being an on - premise server solution and another, providing simple processes for employees to follow about storing file and email data as well as calendar structures. In addition, although it wasn't requested, we supplied a backup solution to ensure all data would be safe, no matter the issues they could encounter.

The outcome

The introduction of the solution allowed for more transparency between department heads and staff. Meaning all data could be shared securely if necessary. Files that were private and specific to department heads were now un accessible to those without permissions. All data storage now monitored, is automatically backed up. Their systems function as required and our client was happy with the progress made to their IT infrastructure.

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