Business Expansion: IT assisting growth 

About our client

Our client is a subsidiary of a company who specialises in manufacturing of precise parts for use in the public and private shipping industry. This subsidiary exclusively manufactures and tests high pressure hoses and related fittings.

Client requirements

Due to increases in demand, our customer had to move into their own building, splitting off from the main building which they originally shared with their parent company. To achieve this, the client required a new IT / network infrastructure. However, the challenge was to ensure that even in this new building, they continued to have access to their shared server environment, and that this successfully met the Cyber Essentials requirements. The building was a brand-new build, there was no previous cabling or IT infrastructure in place.

Our solution

Our team first visited the new building to plan the required infrastructure. They walked everything through with the general manager of the company to pinpoint exactly where the equipment was best placed for the requirements of our client. This included, a CCTV solution, fibre back bone, network cabinets and determined precise locations of the wall mounted network modules and cable runs. The shared server was to be accessed via an encrypted LAN to LAN VPN between both locations / networks. 

The outcome

ABM sourced all required components, and set to work to complete the office infrastructure first, per the client’s request, the client was able to start moving into the building sooner than expected. Meanwhile, we continued work on completing the network infrastructure for the workshop and ensured all Cyber Essentials certifications were updated, checked and approved to support the new secure environment. After completion, our customer was extremely happy with the new, highly efficient office and workshop space. ABM’s work successfully supported the expansion and assisted with businesses growth.

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