CCTV Installation Chichester

About our client

Our client is a large engineering firm located in Chichester. 

Client requirements

After having a CCTV camera system for several years the cameras were getting old and had allowed water to ingress into the casing, making the camera image useless. The network video recorder (NVR) was also isolated from the rest of the network and not remotely accessible if it were required to check any recorded images.

Our solution

ABM refreshed the cameras with new weather-proof units and installed network cabling to increase the number of cameras, eliminating blind-spots that were identified in the initial consultation. The original CCTV network switches were replaced with new POE switches and a replacement NVR was setup and installed as per the clients request. The new NVR was accessible via two existing screens, configured to allow staff to see particular cameras. Additionally, the NVR was connected to the network and accessible via a configured VLAN, so the office manager could logon from their office. The office manager also required to see the cameras from their mobile device, the solution was configured to allow this functionality.

The outcome

This solution allows our customers peace of mind that their business is protected. The cameras not only act a deterrent, but reduce insurance premiums. They are extremely happy with the new, efficient setup. 

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