Server Solutions Sussex

About our client

Being one of the most respected residential and nursing care specialists, it's no wonder they have been established since 1979. They have multiple sites across the UK.

Client requirements

Operating an old Legacy equipment meant limited data security and communication across the multiple homes. They required a solution to bring the external homes and head office together, sharing file data, email and securing all of this in one central location.

Our solution

ABM decided that an on - premise server at the head office was the best solution for the security of data, file sharing and Microsoft Exchange. Whilst a second remote desktop server carried complex group policies. This enables all staff to login using their specific ID's and have access to relevant shares, emails and the CRM solution.

The outcome

Our customer now stores, control and backup centrally. Giving them greater control of their data. Staff are now able to work smarter by sharing data and communicating using email throughout the business.

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