About our client

Our client operates a multi-business portfolio successfully out of his home office environment.

Client requirements

Parts of the client’s property is private land including an access way to the property. Quite often members of the public would stop their cars in the access way which caused extreme disruption when attending meetings or conducting business errands. To ensure security and to act as a deterrent, it was decided that a state-of-the-art CCTV and ANPR solution was required. 

Our solution

We surveyed the site with the client to tailor the setup to their requirements, making sure to mark out camera locations for the best possible coverage in the areas required. To ensure cables couldn’t be tampered with they were filtered through PVC tubing and terminated inside of conduit boxes. This guaranteed the cables were not easily damaged from external sources, and weatherproofed them. 

The outcome

The ANPR camera was setup in the best possible location to ensure maximum coverage of the access way, the focus and position was adjusted to ensure that the target area for number plate recognition was located in the most common stopping point. Our customer is happy with the solution and feels much safer knowing his home office is secure. He reports that has reduced access issues. 

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