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Online Web Application

Case study detailing the move from legacy MS access to an online web solution

  • About Our Client - Established in 1988, our customer has vast experience in the design and manufacture of sports and fashion eyewear. ABM has supported their infrastructure since 2008.
  • Client Requirements - To abolish the outdated MS Access solution, and replace it with an updated system to take customer orders in remote locations, working from current stock data and remembering customer order history.
  • Our Solution - To determine their full requirements and user recommendations, ABM conferred with management and sales staff. The application would use the basic processes of the old MS solution, but apply them in new technologies. Part of this would be to determine if there was an internet connection and if so to immediately process customer orders. In the absence of a connection, the order would be saved, ready to be posted when available. Another feature was for the software to read their existing client CRM system, and supply the sales person with current details required at the entry stage of an order.
  • The Outcome - The introduction of the system allows the sales team to work globally. It also ensures a smarter working environment, as they can advise their client based on stock availability. Over all the solution looks more professional and works more seamlessly than before. 

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