I have been working in IT for 25 years, starting my IT career working for a Norwegian polymer production firm as part of their in-house IT support team, as part of my duties I was involved with AS400, Novell, VAX and token ring networking, not forgetting the first of what IBM called the ‘personal computer’.

I took the skills learnt and progressed to an Installation Engineer working for a Unix / Windows IT Support Company. Involved heavily with Novell Netware, Microsoft NT, IBM (RISC) AIX and various flavours of Unix, I spent considerable time travelling the UK installing and supporting their large and diverse client base.

After a number of years I felt a change was necessary. Moving to a large college in Portsmouth managing as part of a team, 15,000 user accounts and a network with over 40 servers, the position was challenging on many levels. However, I missed corporate business, fortunately before leaving my previous employment I had built a trusted business relationship with the Vice President of a financial corporation and was offered a position running their in-house IT department. Working for a fast growing financial company and as part of the senior management team, I played my part in the growth of a company from 40 - 160 employees which grew to this size within a two year period, to cater for this massive growth I personally managed the implementation of a complete new IT infrastructure, involving the purchase and implementation of a new collections system, advanced and state of the art call centre which I personally built all of the call flow tables, a very clever predictive dialler and employed a dedicated team of programmers to develop and write bespoke complex changes to our newly acquired collection system.  

Many skills were obtained in this fast moving period, however a common problem was seen time and time again, contractors that were engaged to deliver a service, fell short due to a failing to communicate with other resources involved in the project life cycle.

In 2001 I made the decision to start out on my own offering that exact service, I felt I was able to become the ‘glue’ that merged resources to communicate with each other and where that was not possible, I would use more knowledge to build the bridge to achieve the necessary goals.

My company has been trading for 14 years and continues to gain strength even with the current climate shifting towards cloud technology, I am also heavily involved in the financial running of my wife’s chain of hair salons which adds its own set of challenges and certainly makes for diversification to my ever evolving career.


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Anthony Moignard - Owner and Director of ABM Computer Solutions