About our client

Established in 1988, our client has vast experience in the design and manufacture of sports and fashion eye ware. The in-house creative team works closely with factories to sustain successful product development and nurturing new ideas.

Having the ability to both forecast and react quickly to changes in sport and street fashion alike plays a crucial part to the ongoing growth and development of the client.

ABM has been working with this client since 2008, looking after the company IT and telecoms infrastructure as well as one-off, bespoke development solutions.

Our clients requirement

With our client utilising on the road salesmen and creating customer orders via a dated MS Access solution, the requirement was for an online solution that not only offered the salesmen a professional looking application that could be used during client facing but also the ability to work from current customer and stock data and be able to record customer order history. None of which was available in the current solution.

Our proposed solution

ABM engaged with sales staff and upper management to determine the overall requirements and provide key recommendations through technical specification and detailed costing's, demonstrating a manageable timescale. These were to provide an online solution that replicated the previous MS Access solution using current technologies. The solution would allow the client, through an application front-end, to determine if an Internet connection was available and allow them to post customer orders. Current customer and stock data would be ported from the client CRM solution to ensure current details were provided at order entry stage. Order details were to be recorded and then cross-maintained via the CRM, all automatically. In the absence of an Internet connection, the same solution was to be offered to the client and updated to the online solution when an Internet connection was available.

The Outcome

The introduction of this system improvement allows the sales force to work globally. This has enabled salesmen to work smarter concerning order processing and stock availability, the solution has also automated the data sent to their ERP solution the overall result increase efficiencies and data accuracy.

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