For a business environment, your server is the hub of your company. Servers are used for lots of different factors. However, the most common uses are to: hold your data, sharing data between multiple employees, connecting outside technology together (printers etc) and possibly to hold your email. Without this could you successfully run your company?

We understand the costs involved with replacing a server can be daunting. Especially if you are a smaller company trying to establish yourself. However, the cost can become much larger if you do not replace or upgrade a faulty server. Below are the signs your server is failing, what could happen if you do not take action and information about the positive vs negative when replacing. At ABM we supply quality servers that maintain your environment. We spec the server to forecast possible growth of your company and to meet your business requirements. We have been completing server quotation, installation and upgrades for 16 years within ABM Computer Solutions and the IT technicians for longer during their extensive careers.

Signs your server is not well or failing

Benefits of replacement

Drawbacks of replacement

Able to cater for your business requirements

Updated and current/ latest security protection

Saves money in terms of support time

Productivity and efficiency increases

Warranty on new server

Faster with no glitches

Infrastructure has room for growth

Supported operating system

Cost of server and installation

Disruption to employees whilst upgrading

Checklist recommendation (when to replace your server)

Simple breakdown explanation for the process for server installation

Server Installation/ Replacement

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