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Response Time

How does it work



24 Hour Response

Raise a ticket, we will endeavour to resolve your issue promptly

Invoiced 30 minute blocks

Pre-Paid Support

4 Hour - System Down

8 Hour - Non Critical

Raise ticket, we will resolve your query, user defines priority, call will be charged against  your pre-paid commitment, comprehensive report provided at invoice or when requested

14 Hours Pre-Paid, billed in 15 minute blocks, once used a further invoice will be raised with a detailed report of previous usage

Monthly Support

2 Hour - System Down

4 Hour - Non Critical

Raise ticket, we will resolve your query, user defines priority, if equipment is part of the agreed support schedule, all time is included

Fixed fee per month based on a per PC / server cost

Why outsource your IT maintenance to ABM Computer Solutions?

Does this sound good? As a business owner myself, I understand you do not have time to waste on malfunctioning technology. Your infrastructure should be tailored to you, and should work around your business requirements. ABM can supply this hassle free and cost consciously.

Comprehensive IT support for small medium enterprise (SME’s)

Are you fed up with training IT resource only to find they have taken employment elsewhere? Disappointed with project delays, excuses and un budgeted increased costs? Do you feel exposed for IT support when your technician is on annual leave? Are your current IT support company satisfying your technology requirements? Do they understand your business objectives?

IT support Hampshire, Sussex for servers, computers, PCs / desktops or laptops for your business

Comprehensive IT services for larger enterprise

IT Support Hampshire

Portsmouth, Havant, Fareham, Southampton, Eastleigh, Winchester, Basingstoke, Andover

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