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About our client

Established in 1982, our client produces high quality craft bakery and confectionary goods. They have a reputation for providing quality product and service whilst moving with the times to supply for a changing market.

Despite their growth from a one shop bakery to forteen, our client has continued to maintain a presence in the local community, also providing ongoing fundraising support in local schools and charities.

ABM has been working with this client since 2007 where we supplied and installed a new server solution and have since built the group VPN infrastructure.

Our clients requirement

Our client have a comprehensive bill of material solution that forecast sales and raw materials, they also collect daily sales from all their branch shop tills and this data is sent back to head office. Their requirement was to provide a comprehensive, affordable but robust solution which enable all satellite shops to communicate daily with head office.

Our proposed solution

Our solution involved selecting appropriate business routing equipment, our experience with Draytek hardware enabled us to select a comprehensive solution using their excellent product range. Headoffice was to receive a multi WAN port router, load balancing broadband connections whilst support a number of IPSec VPN tunnels connecting to the branch shops. The shops were to receive business routers that could support the IPSec VPN tunnel, however they also needed to support an isolated wireless connection for guests to make use of free internet connectivity whilst in the shop.

The Outcome

ABM have installed Draytek router equipment at all locations, all running individual local area networks, they are configured with an IPSec VPN tunnel to head office and successfully communicating important transaction data ‘LIVE’

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