About our client

Established in 2005, with a team of fully qualified hair technicians, across several salons, our client has vast experience in the hairdressing industry.

ABM has been working with this client since its inception, looking after the company IT and telecoms infrasture as well as bespoke development solutions.

Our clients requirement

Our client was looking to replace the use of standard Outlook calendars for client bookings as well as numerous manual processes, including staff holidays, daily sales figures and KPI’s.

The client also wanted to allow their own clients to be able to book appointments online via their own websites and provide automatic notification.

Our proposed solution

As our client was unable to find an ‘off the shelf’ solution that satisfied a considerable number of their specific needs, ABM engaged with upper management to determine the overall requirements to create a bespoke, on-line solution, demonstrating a manageable timescale. The package would allow hairdressing staff to book clients into the salon by an ‘available slot’ solution based around salon opening times, staff hours and annual leave as well as Public Holidays. This method ensures no double booking and restricting staff appointment selection.

Clients are able to manage their own appointment booking and cancellations through the application via links on the salon websites.

Client history is maintained as well as advising stylist’s that clients have previous no-shows when making bookings. Stylist annual leave is maintained as well as auto generation of stocklists and stock order requests and various other reports. Specific KPI reports are also generated.

The Outcome

The introduction of this system allowed the salon staff to be able to concentrate of their day to day hairdressing duties without the worry of maintaining schedules and stock availability; allowing management to be able to manage without the need of manually creating time consuming reports and stock management and control, increasing all round efficiences and data accuracy.
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