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Software Solution

Case study to replace outdated internal systems, with a new software solution, incorporating all customer requirements.

About Our Customer

Established in 2005 our customer has several salons situated around West Sussex. With vast experience in the salon industry, and only employing the best hair stylists. Our customer is a popular choice in the salon industry. We have supported this client since its inception. Offering support of its IT and telecoms infrastructure.

Client Requirement

To facilitate the replacement of Outlook calendars for booking in clientele. As well as several inefficient manual processes like daily sales figures, stock taking and staff holidays. 

Our Solution

Like many, our client was un impressed with the off the shelf solutions available. ABM met with the director and established all of the requirements for the bespoke software. 

The Outcome

The product created has calendar functionality. Providing available slots to both the stylist and customer online. This stops the error of double booking and staff appointment selection.  In addition to this it has a stock system which alerts the admin (directors account) when certain stock is running low. Also allowing for customers to see if their favourite products are in stock to purchase them for their next visit. Client history, such as colours used are maintained, as well as if they didn't show up to their previous appointment. Stylists annual leave is managed through the system as required. Daily take is recorded on system and can be accessed by the director to then further process. The client was extremely happy with the outcome and reports that it has highly improved work flow.  


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