About our client

Established in 2000, our client is a specialist manufacturer of a diverse range of engraved and etched products, including hot foiling and embossing dies together with spark erosion and pad printing plates.Their vision statement states that there mission is ‘To build and develop a small, profitable manufacturing company that really values its employees, genuinely respects its customers and takes pride in delivering what it promises and to enjoy what they do and to be successful.’ ABM has been working with this client since 2007 and as well as facilitating their Head Office relocation, we provide ongoing support.

Our clients requirement

Our client asked us to relocate their IT infrastructure from Sussex to the Midlands. The remit was to remain operational during the transistion period and incorporate an already established business into their existing environment, both companies operating Windows Server systems and operating different finance software packages.

Our proposed solution

ABM planned and implemented a new CAT5E network, created a new server room to accommodate all the additional systems, completed the termination of data cabling at the new site.  We also setup new broadband and WAN communications prior to the move. Our engineers packaged all IT equipment including servers and pc’s, securely loading and transported to the Midlands. We agreed to enhance servers arriving from Sussex which involved a number of signifcant upgrades to the exisitng HP Proliant equipment and commenced a data and mail merge from the other business older hardware. All the equipment was installed and configured into the new network, whilst the existing Midlands based equipment was reconfigured and merged onto the new Active Directory servers.We were also responsible for configured the new user accounts, domains, ERP solution, Time Attendance software and merging the two businesses onto one Account platform. ABM engineers remained onsite for 5 days until all aspects of the merger were complete and the Director of the UK operations approved completion.

The Outcome

ABM completed the tasks within the allocated time frame, giving the customer a priority service with minimum downtime and maintaining communications with their USA owners. We met all expectations and the  customer has retained ABM’s services in the Midlands.
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